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Hatchery Steelhead On Washington’s Best River Systems.

Hatchery Steelhead on Washington’s best river systems.

Hatchery Steelhead Season is closing in. Humptulips, Queets and Wynoochee river guided trips. 


 Hatchery Steelhead 


JP’s Guide service will be fishing hatchery steelhead starting the 2nd week of December on the Humptulips. These fish really start getting going then and will continue through New Years. The Wynoochee picks up just after Christmas and rolls throughout January. The Queets, large, broodstock winter run really get going the first week of January for weeks to follow. These fish are big and powerful. Mostly Anchor fishing floats with jigs, beads and worms. Some plug fishing.
I will be fishing hatchery steelhead from December 10th – January 15th. From then on I will be switching to WILD STEELHEAD. These native winter run steelhead will consume the vast majority time from mid January to mid April. I am fully booked. thank you for your continued interest in my steelhead program. 




If you are unsure of your date and have ANY QUESTIONS, feel free to click here to contact me. Please avoid clicking a date off the calendar to ask a question if you are not 100% sure you want to book a date just ask me anything! Thanks! JP

  • $270 — Per Person for Two Anglers
  • $400 — Single Angler Private Boat
  • $250 — Per Person For Three People


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