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Western Fishing Operations (WFO)

Western Fishing Operations (WFO)

A company that consistently makes dreams happen in emerald waters. The finest in artifical cold water plastic’s for Steelhead and Salmon. JP’s Guide Service has exclusively used WFO products on guided trips. These plastics have consistently produced high caliber steelhead fishing with minimal impacts while using safe catch and release techniques. WFO has specialized in color matching all of my custom color needs for various conditions throughout the seasons.

Scott and Vicki are friendly Business owners and are readily available to answer your questions using any of the products on their website. They are passionate Steelhead and Salmon Anglers and you’ll often find them on the river as soon as they take a break in pouring product for all of our local NW retailers. They are open to custom orders to your color needs.

Worms Available in – 3.5″ 4.5″ 5.5″
Clusters available in – 14mm 16mm 19mm

Visit western fishing’s website @
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