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Salmon Techniques With JP’s Guide Service

Salmon Techniques with JP’s Guide Service

Have you ever wanted to learn how to Back Bounce eggs over a ledge gently into the mouth of an oversized chinook? Or properly rig a Float & Egg setup for heavy water Chinook fishing? What about when the waters real low and the fish are hard to get on the bite?  What about how to effectively Twitch a Jig with the perfect rhythm motion for that feisty Coho to snap. JP’s Guide Service wants you to learn anything you want to learn about River Fishing Fall Salmon or Winter Run Steelhead. All you need to do is book a trip come along and ask any question you may have.

Salmon and Steelhead Techniques Include:
Swinging Spinners:
“Proper Presentation, Custom Colors, Hoochies, hook sizes, blade sizes”
Float and Eggs: “Proper Presentation, Which hooks, Pairing Weights to Floats for different types of water. Most importantly, the 5 baits to use under a float”
Tippet Baits: Powerful bait tippets that add to the typical egg/shrimp cocktail to help you stand out in a crowd, or get non biting fish to bite.
Egg Cures: Basic Cures and things to make basic cures, not so basic.
Twitching Jigs: “Proper Presentation, Sizes, Different Types of Twitch Rhythm’s for Kings or Coho, Colors, Styles and the different angels to twitch”
Back-Bouncing: One of the hardest… “Presentation, Rigging, Weights, Droppers, Various Type’s of water , proper boat maneuvering and most importantly the Feel of the bite”
Back-Trolling Plugs or Divers: Surprisingly Detailed.. “Which Colors, Styles, How to properly Wrap Plugs, Cures for plug wraps”
Bobber Dogging: “Proper Setup, Floats, Weights, Leader Lengths, Bobber Stop heights and Presentation. Also, salmon setups vs steelhead setups”
Float and Jig: A salmon or steelheads favorite! Colors, Weight Size, Jig Heads Molds and Materials (rubber vs marabou). We will cover the types of water to find salmon and steelhead who want to bite a dead drifted jig under a float.

One of the largest Chinook caught at jpsguideservice. This Chinook weighed over 40lbs! We needed to use 1oz Floats paired with 1oz weights, topped off with uv bait weights to punch down deep enough to the biting kings.

When this group of chinook wouldn’t take 5 different cures of eggs we switched to the spinner and was rewarded with this incredible reaction bite to the slowly swung spinner.

Bob and Leah had to backbone their limit of chinook in rising river conditions on this day. A rewarding technique behind lots of angler pressure or rising water when the overhead float bite has died. Theres nothing like spoon-feeding a chinook!

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